What is Cloud Computing? Their Models, Types, Benefits, and Usage

Cloud computing is the giving of access to physical servers, storage, networks, and databases remotely on the internet. Daniel started a software company.


He asked his manager to provide guidelines that what will be the best ways to grow the business without high expenditure. His manager suggests cloud computing. So what is cloud computing? What are the model’s benefits, types, and usage of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the giving of multiple services via the internet. Some of their services include servers, databases, software, and networking. It is the delivery of on-demand computing services, in which instead of keeping all the files in the hard drive or storage device, you have to use cloud base storage. Cloud storage is the service of saving your information on the internet via a local server. The server will store your whole data however, on usage you can get access to it through the internet. But it will not take space in your hard drive or storage of your device. Nowadays the world has multiple cloud computing databases. The Dominant cloud providers nowadays are drive, Box, google cloud platform, Dropbox, Netflix, etc.

Why do we need cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the current century miracle that is not only providing space-saving storage but also giving you access to multimedia content via the internet. On this, you can run multiple software programs without installing them on your computer. The problem of a company become rise more and more if their services become increase. It is quite difficult for the company to store and manage all desk space. The basic and most common benefits of cloud computing are

1: It gives you unlimited access to your devices from any worldwide location on the internet.

2: Managing all systems of storage will highly cost you or also you will not sure, how much storage will be required. However, the cloud gives you access to storage as much as you required. This is more cost-saving than on-premises.

3: Utility computing also implements high-security systems for clients’ data on the server so you don’t have to worry about your data.

4: They are offering multiple services of small, medium, and large for data backup. This takeout fear of losing data. Also, it is up to you what kind of service do you need.

5: Cloud computing allows you to select specific prebuilt tools according to your acquisition and feature of business.

6: Every cloud computer offers multiple cloud services, like private cloud, hybrid cloud. You can choose by yourself to select your service.

7: The main focus of cloud service providers is to maintain a high level of their service to grab a high audience, so it allowing to focus on your own business instead of managing data sources.

8: Their main work is to provide multiple software, so you don’t have to worry about your software updates. The software will be updated automatically.

9: With the help of cloud computing your collaboration with different business people will increase and your system will boost.

What are the different types and models of cloud computing?

Cloud computing has been divided into three models public, private, and hybrid, and has four main types.

  • Public Cloud are ore outsourced cloud provider that gives you access to business on the internet. This model is cost-effective, easily reliable. But there is also a drawback that your data will not be secure.
  • Private Cloud is best for public own business because it is difficult to operate remotely. These servers are highly secure and provide great control but it has required some IT expertise.
  • Hybrid Cloud is best for both public and private models because it is scalable and flexible or also cost-effective. They are also providing high security for their server. As Hybrid Cloud is a huge model so there is also the chance of communication disturbance.

The types of cloud computing are


This cloud service is used to maintain storage, networking resources on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is used to reduce the pressure of an on-premise data center. And get real-time business insight. In IaaS you can buy only those resources which you have required. So you have to pay only for this particular resource as long as you need it. You can save time from buying software, installing, configuring, and managing it by yourself.


PaaS stands for “Platform as a service” is quite bigger than the previous one. It has not only include networking and infrastructure but also provides middleware, development tools, database management system. It has been discovered to provide a complete web lifecycle of web application which include testing, managing, deploying, building, and updating.

Serverless Computing

This software is providing an easy way to build multiple applications fastly simply by taking out infrastructure management. This automatically enables you to run code by immediately providing scale and manages.


“Software as a service” is bigger than both of the previous services. It is used to provide multiple software. This saves you from complex software licenses, middleware, and infrastructure. These all services would be simply managed by cloud providers. Some examples of software-based apps are office tools, email, and calendaring. Simply you have to purchase a complete software solution and pay for it monthly. All your rent software and services will be stored in the service provider data center and your user can simply access it by a web browser.

Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the emerging digital technology fields, It is taking high control on big problems such as cyber security, and managing big data. Now, this is also possible to control extensive systems such as distributed ledger technology, Natural language processing, networking, Artificial Intelligence, and some other office software.

In digital technology, the cloud computing industry is constantly working to emerge them into various fields. They want to accommodate operatory, legal, regulatory, and security considerations to make this industry operation more streamlined. In short, they want to create easy methods and solutions in the technology for society to make the world more digitalized.

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