What is Botnet and their Types?

The word Botnet was created from “Robot” and “Network”. A botnet is a process of attacking a computer, or system by using malware to Hacked the data. The main destruction of the Botnet includes hacking servers, distributing malware, and stealing necessary data from systems. Botnet attack happened by bot herder that controls multiple unsecured systems simply by remote command. Once it gets set, then bot herder uses the command program for further actions. Zombies computers are the systems that get in control of botnet by malware and virus. These all devices operate by the command of bot herder.

A botnet can warm your computer in a variety of ways. Sometimes you don’t know the effects until it is too late. First of all, thousands of computers will get infected by multiple malware simply by creating a botnet short. The hacker enters the PC in such a way that the user cannot get information about malware.  They use special malware like Trojan to break the security of multiple computers. To reach the main target, all the infected machines will be named a bot. These are all un-secure systems that can easily be handled by a criminal. A bot may be a MAC, Smartphone, or PC. Sometimes hackers get control of 1000 pc or systems to activate large zombies networks. These zombies may be used for multiple cyberattacks such as DDoS attacks, spreading malware online fraud, and wide-scale phishing campaigns. Sometimes zombie networks may handle by multiple spammers that may cause you unusual computer performance, high internet bills, and illegal simplification in your computer. Other threads are that it may also steal your personal information, and blackmail your identity.

Types of Botnet?

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS)

It is one of the cyberattacks on a system that happens by flooding high traffic to a server or site. This will bury the whole system by disrupting your files and denying legitimate traffic to the site. For example, if the eCommerce company is running its online store. Then attacker will run the program simply by its computer to legitimate their original traffic. This is known as simply a DoS attack. A botnet criminal can spread thread, and malware to thousands of systems in such a way that system users may not know this. Then with all infected malware systems, a botnet will attack the eCommerce company to deny their original traffic. This is known as a DDoS attack. The DDoS attack maybe for hours, days, or a month. These attacks may be done to fall down the company by denying their trusted clients, to give favor to another company, or simply the attacker may do this for fun.


Phishing is the method of stealing personal information, like stealing login passwords, unauthorized purchases, bank information, fund stealing, and identity theft. The attacker may attack as a trusted Person that will be simply like your boss, your bank, or a company where you do a business.  This attack mostly happens with the help of coded emails, messages, and text that contain malicious links. These links can simply add malware to your system that can then be the attack way.

Some of them are

1: Your account has been hacked

The hacker will use any original company address just to hack your account. In case, if you provide some of your information to a hacker then your information will get stolen.

2: Reset your password

Sometimes hackers use fake messages like

Your password will get expire in one day

Your password gets stolen

Rest your email password simply by providing a username

This all data will be then used to break your system or hack your account.

3: Payment request

Some hackers get used the message like “if you don’t make your payment within the next 2 days you will be get declined from your company or you will get lose this offer”.

4: Charity donation

Providing help to the innocent is human nature. Criminals use multiple charity names to take out your information and payment from your account. So must be careful before helping someone.

Brute force attack

Brute force is the hacking attack of guessing different credentials. In this hacking, you have a list of attacks and passwords. Or if you have a user name or password then you will try to find another one simply by guessing. That’s why it is known as the trial method. Also, multiple apps and software are designed like Aircrack-ng and Medusa that helps to find the software. Some basic types of burets attacks are

Simple Brute force attack that is used to hack a simple or basic password simply like “world1234”. These passwords may easily be revealed by software tools.

A dictionary attack is the most basic tool in brute force attack in which a hacker chooses a target and runs possible passwords against that user. But this type of attack is cumbersome.

 Hybrid brute force attacks are mostly used to figure out combo passwords that mix common words with random characters like “Washington1920” or “world1234”.

A reverse brute force attack strategy will use if you know the password. The hacker will use thousands of usernames to open the account or system.

Credential stuffing is the process in which you use a known website password or username for other tons of systems or sites.

Being suffering from a botnet attack is quite simple. A botnet can easily enter your system simply by downloading unknown site files and sharing files. Simply social media contain a lot of malware to get interrupted your computers. To protect your computer, you have simply installed multiple antimalware software. Make sure that your computer system is updated. This was a short introduction to a botnet and the types of botnet.

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