How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria via Mpesa

You are probably here to know How to Send Money from Kenya to your Nigeria Loved One via Mpesa. Yes, it is possible, though it is not a direct process.

send money from Kenya to Nigeria

MPESA is operated by Safaricom, the largest mobile phone operator in Kenya, this mobile operator is also not available in Nigeria. Well, at least, not yet.

Over the years, sending money internationally has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you would have to stand in bank queues, now, with a smartphone, you can transfer money in seconds.

There are two apps I’ll share with you in this article that can help you send money via MPESA to Nigeria. As mentioned earlier, it’s indirect, we clarified the fact that Safaricom is not available in Nigeria.

Using EverSend

Eversend is already helping 420,000+ happy customers send money abroad. We recommend this option because not only do you get to send money faster, its exchange rates are relatively cheaper.

They allow you to manage different currencies in your account. Let us say for instance you want to send Naira to your friend in Nigeria, you can simply exchange your local currency with Naira on the app, and you will not have to worry about meeting higher rates when next you want to send Naira.

The virtual card feature is not something to raise an alarm about because many apps provide that, but for Nigerians who need USD Cards to make international payments online. You will be glad the virtual card is part of the features of Eversend.

Finally, you can make some money from the app, by simply inviting friends to sign up on the app.

When a friend signs up through your referral link, you guys both get an amount.

And now, I’ve shown you this great app for sending money via MPESA, it will not be fair not to use my link to register.

But before then though, let’s not forget that this article is on how to send money from Kenya, via MPESA, to Nigeria. Here is how you can achieve this with Eversend.

  1. Complete the registration on the app.
  2. Allow the app to read your contacts on your phone, so it can detect those on your contacts using Eversend.
  3. After registration, you may be asked to verify your identity, this varies according to your country and it usually takes less than 24 hours for Eversend to verify your identity documents.
  4. After you are verified, click Balance in the bottom menu to fund your account via MPESA with the amount you want to send.
  5. Click “Fund”
  6. Select MPESA as the funding option.
  7. your friend/the recipient over there in Nigeria should also have the Eversend app, here is your chance to send your referral link to your friend, so s/he signs up and you both get rewards.
  8. Click Send
  9. Select your friend’s contact number.
  10. Enter the amount
  11. Click Continue to send.

Not so hard, was it? You may not even need to continue reading at this point, but if you are not satisfied, here is Afriex’s method of sending money from Nigeria to Kenya.

Using Afriex

When you want to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria, you can do so simply using Afriex. Well, they pretty much offer attractive rates.

Here is how you can send money:

  1. Register, and allow necessary permissions such as the permission to read contacts on your phone.
  2. you may as well want to show some love, by using my username, johnafangideh0013733 as referral.
  3. Click “Wallet” in the bottom menu to fund your account via MPESA
  4. Click “Add Cash” then select the MPESA option to add the amount you want to send
  5. Then click “Send” at the bottom menu, select the currency you are sending in at the top right corner, then enter the amount, both Naira and Shiling values will be shown synchronously.
  6. Select the contact (The person you must be sending to should be an Afriex user too)
  7. Continue to send.

Final Thoughts

We chose these two apps because they are closer in operation to mobile money such as MPESA. You can also send money from Nigeria to Kenya via Paypal, skrill, Payoneer, TransferWise and so on.

Thanks for going through this article, I believe it was helpful. If you need further assistance, do let us know in the comments section.

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