What is Cyber Attack? | The role of Cyber Security in society

Cyber Attack means stealing data from a system, offices, industries, and networks.

If you are running industries, doing Business, have factories then it is impossible to be not aware of Cyber Security. Because it is doing the protection of your whole services.  Cyber means electronic communication networks like the internet. Whereas Security is the activities that you are doing for the protection of countries, government, Buildings, etc.

Cyber security is the combination of methods, technologies, and techniques to keep your systems and data safe from Cyber Attacks which are done by hackers. Hacker is a person who is doing Cyber Attacks on your site.

How does Cyber Security work?

Ali has a website “Alfirdos.com”. He saved his passwords, emails, and bank accounts details on his site. This data was stored in a server to do his activities fast. Suddenly He received a mail of 90% discount on an item. The third person gets access to his site by the way of verification and his information was hacked. Because the mail was received by the spammer.

For this purpose, Cyber Security was introduced.  It has been implemented in a way in which you are facing cyber-attacks. Let’s discuss some types of Cyberattacks that you may face

Malware in Cyber Security

Malware is a virus that is created to damage computers or destroys them. Such software is mostly created by criminals to take control of your documents. The most common of them are Trojan, adware, spyware any suspicious attachments. Some types of malware are

Adware is the advertisement software run by the user. It is used to spread your services.  Adware is not dangerous in all cases however it will be risky if it does contact a malicious or unsafe browser. So it is essential to keep updated security and scanned programs.

Ransomware is software that will encrypt files so then you cannot get access to it. It is used to take out your payments.

A Trojan is a type of software that invades computers as a helpful program. Then after it takes out sensitive information from your system.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are happened by experienced hackers and are the most common Cyber attack in 2021. This method is going toward the highest peak in recent years. It is used by legitimate sources for stealing like credit card information and login credentials and some others.


This malware was introduced in 2014 during research. The purpose of this is to take out some important and necessary information. It is a type of Trojan that escalates mostly with the help of emails. Once you open the mail or documents then it automatically spread to your computer or system and the whole network as well. It is mostly used to install other trojans and malware. Their targets are companies, taking codes of banks, and most of the government institutes. But you can make yourself safe from it by taking regular updates of Microsoft, trying to create a strong password, don’t download all suspicious emails and documents, or creates a backup of your files

Denial of service

Denial attack means to close the whole service or machines. This causes the system to unavailable for the user. The DOS attack may occur in two ways. The first method is the flood attack. It occurs when the computer receives a lot of traffic from the server. This directly slows the system causing them to down. And the second is Buffer overflow attacks. In this, the hacker has to send high traffic to the server then the programmer has to manage the handling way. The most common Flow attacks are the ICMP flood and SYN flood.

Man in the middle

Man in the middle is the attack in which attackers use few methods to gain access between user devices and website servers via IP address. In this way, the spammer secretly intercepted the communication. It is done by using insecure WiFi networks, malware, and encrypted machines. You need to make your security strong and don’t allow all users to get access to your data.

SQL injection

SQL injection is a virus in which hackers use structured query language to get access to your web application and sites. This is most dangerous because it is used to hack high programs like amazon etc.

SQL sent a request to the database to give access to the user. This verification is done by SQL code. After verification from the database, the user gets access to the web. But the problem arises at a place when the site does not have to stop any additional information. This gives the hacker opportunity to get their additional files and hacked them.

Password attacks

It is the most easiest and common way of Cyberattack to steal information. In 2020 81% of attacks may occur by passwords. Because hackers know that passwords are mostly poorly designed and contain only letters and numbers. Hackers mostly use facilitated software to guess different passwords.

The types of password attacks include

Brute forcing is the old method of hacking but is still in use. In this hackers use all possible ways to login into the system by using different software or old web pages. However, it required extremely hard work to succeed in it.

Dictionary attacks just by simply putting every word into a dictionary as a password. This is also used to find out the original password from the coded password. As we notice the majority of people are using the same code again so this gives a golden chance to thieves.                

Password spraying

It is another type of brute attacker in which attackers use any email and try different passwords. Then in the end, he found this password as a second password. In this way, the hacker does scams with people.

Cyber attacks are nowadays common because our world is stand on digital technology. It is essential to do proper security for your institutes.




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