OPPO Find X3 Pro’s microscopic lens captures record-breaking artwork

The record-breaking microscopic artist, Dr willard Wigan MBE has been able to record results of his spectacular microscopic work by using the 60x magnification microscopic lens on the oppo find x3 pro.

Dr wigan currently holds two guiness world records for the smallest sculptures entirely made by human hand. To give you an idea, his sculptures are mostly placed on the head of a pin or in the eye of a needle and a single sculpture can be as small as 0.005mm.

In the past, Wigan could only see his sculptures through a microscope but thanks to the microscopic lens feature on the oppo find x3 pro smartphone, he can now see his artworks without having to use a microscope. this is the only smartphone in the market which is able to capture these details.

oppo’s has partnered with Dr wigan to produce a video and imagery collection of his sculptures and artworks- the video was captured on the company’s find x3 pro smartphone. Existing fans, and first-timers to his work alike, can now get more of an insight into Wigan’s personal story and a behind the scenes look at his work in a new YouTube video…




Date of release: 19th March 2021



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