Key Strategies to attracting investors as a Startup

The first rule in the top 11 key strategies to attract investors at the startup is to create the best development plan and extend the network in a better way. For this, you have to need to know

 How much investment do you need?

Your working process?

How will you develop the network?

The main body of attracting investors is to create a strong business plan to get the confidence of people. To gain the trust of people first of all you have to create an outline of your business. You have to provide detail of your work process, objective, and goals of your industry. Get explain all the points in such a way that customers can understand your development process, working strategy, and the market growth process.

You have also to share your previous experience, staff, management team, and your clients so the investors cannot get any doubt. Give them the detail of yourself, and your staff because the investors want to really note your daily working process and strategies.

This is a very tough idea to find an investor for your company so it is very essential that you must have a positive history within certain businesses field and make them clear the working process of your work. Also, show your actively working within the field because without paying attention to investors they may be downhearted from benefit and you cannot get the attraction. Another important thing is that investors must have the prowess and courage and have the ability to complete and do their financial agreements. Otherwise, it will be then just a headache for you.

1: Try to join angel networks groups.

Angel is a network high-class investment group that is providing investment. Once you get access to it then you will get investment funds. But for registration, they will first acknowledge that you have full information about the industry and get satisfied that you will pay back the investment then they will give you access. Making them comfortable for releasing funds is the main point in the angel networks group.

2: Crowdfunding websites

Crow funding is playing a great role in the networking stage to attract investors to your site. The most popular crowdfunding sites in Africa are UPRISE AFRICA, THE PEOPLE FUND, and THUNDAFUND while in Ghana they are CROWD AFRICA, PAYPUTT, and MYAIDFUND.

3: Make them the surety of intellectuality property (IP)

An IP address is the general identification of a company which includes its design, symbols, and images. The company has been identified by its patent, trademark, and copyright. The Investors want to know whether after investment does their payment may be secure or not? This identification is used to gain the trust of the people.

4: Put the high package on investment

Create such a deal with the investors that you will offer a high return on it. Because no one will give you a piece of cake. Investors are also investing their money in a business. This will not only increase your stockholders also your trust in people. High will be the benefits, greater will be the traffic of investors. Also, focus on that community that will also encourage other investors toward your company.

5: Give them the bonus of dividend

The dividend is like the annual reward of profit for your investors. It is the amount that is given to stockholders within the year. Multiple companies are giving different packages. This will highly boost your company. So if you want to get high revenue then you have to offer investors dividends on investment because the stockholder wants to invest in that place from where they get high revenue.

6: Use digital marketing strategies:

Marketing is the greatest tool for getting the attraction of people. This not only helps you to spread your company but also increases the standard and strength of your company in the world. You can attract a lot of investors to your company just simply by creating a portfolio of your work. You can do advertisements on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and a lot of other online social media platforms. LinkedIn is one of the amazing platforms where people are going to find jobs. The advertisement should be done in different ways. Some of them are using posters and videos. Once you get positive reviews from people about your company this will boost the investors’ attraction.

7: Try to conduct different seminars

Another major form to grab investors’ attraction is to do different seminars in different areas. This will increase the reputation of your company. Also do different webinars on google meet, zoom, and other online platforms. In these webinars, you will provide them the detail information about your company. You will explain your company working strategies and process.

8: Try to get the ideas from multiple business owners

If you want to increase your business. Then try to meet with different companies owners, get ideas and thoughts from them. Because they are the people who have practical experience in their own field and they have full idea about it. Ask the different questions that

What kind of strategies they are using to attract investors to their company?

What kind of benefits they are providing to the stockholders?

Do they give any dividends to the investors?

Or also their package for investors.

9: Focus on every person

You do not only need to grab the attention of rich people. Also, you try different campaigns to get the attention of middle-class people. Because there are a lot of people that are in search of high market place and want to invest.

10: Precaution needed to during taking investment:

Most of the company owners are taking loans from banks that are charging high-interest rates. I will highly recommend you to be away from such risk. Once the burden of your interest gets high this will drop or close your company forever. Try to use Interest-free loans to proceed with your company.

11: Stop the foolishness

Sometimes company provides delude information to the investors to grab attention that was not included in the plan. This will highly reduce your trust. Secondly, if the investor gets to invest in your company then it will not be satisfied with your working process, also this will cause trouble for your company in the middle. In the end, your company may get into a struggle.




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