Finding Equity Bank Branches in Kenya or their Contacts

As an Equity Bank Customer, you may at some point run into issues that may require you to contact them. This issue can be the mobile app not working, transactions is the most common.

 Equity Bank Branches Locations in Kenya

This Article will give you information on what to do when you have an issue whilst using one of Equity Bank Services.

Equity Bank Branches in Kenya

One of the most efficient ways to seek customer service is by going to a bank branch. There is a very resourceful tool over on the Equity Group Holdings website, with it, you can find a branch/ATM/Agent nearest to you.

Also, with this tool, you can locate and complain to the nearest branch to you and be rest assured your issue will be solved.

Access the tool –

On getting to the website, under the branches, click on “Enter your Location to see nearest branch” to type in your location.

You can also search for the nearest ATM and agent in a similar way.


This is just an alternative, this process can take much longer than visiting the bank branch, this alternative has to do with you contacting the bank via their general contact information.

It is not as efficient as visiting an Equity Bank Branch in Kenya because many people can send their questions and it may take longer for you to get feedback.

However, Here is their contact information.

Phone: +254 763 063 000/763 000 000


Talk to Us

It is also possible that the solution to your problem is on their website, so it is important to also check the official website.

Official website –

Still have issues with this information, please let us know in the comments section, we will be happy to assist you.

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