DJI mini 2 | Features of this Unique Drone

You may hear about drone cameras, but DJI mini 2 is one of the most common drones in the world in 2022. This drone was released at the end of 2020 and now it is the top-rated drone.

Dji Mini 2

This is the smallest drone that you can easily take in your pocket or handle on a single hand. If you are a filmmaker, aerial photographer, YouTuber, then this drone is for you. This will get unique pictures by using self-timer and amazingly capturing panoramas. I hope that you will never neglect this if you are testing the drone for the first time.

Design features of DJI mini 2

The Dji structure is well designed, cables are well tightened, not loose or too fragile.

Their machine and structure are highly protected against any natural wear. However, the body structure is designed with regular plastic they did not use aluminum or carbon because of its low weight.

This is extremely noiseless and you can easily talk even if the drone is just 6 feet away from you. You can easily fold this drone take it with yourself just by putting it in your pocket.

Another amazing thing about this drone is its design which has less weight of 249 grams. Propellers are very unique and noiseless.

DJI mini 2 Camera

In the case of the camera, the Dji mini 2 drone has a 12 MP camera which is capturing an amazing view of 4k with 3X stabilization that will create great shots. This put mini 2 into another league and throwback all the other competitors in the market. You can also zoom the view in different angles like in 2x @ 4k, 2x @ 2.7k and 4x @ 1080p. This drone can easily take a great view up to 10 kilometers. This transmission rate is so remarkable which beats the most professional drones. One another thing is it does a little bit of tracking in small shots however not have any large tracking like 2.0 or 3.0. Means it will not follow you when you are walking somewhere.

The photography of this camera is very smooth and clear due to the 12 MP sensor. You can easily take photos of 4k at 30 fps. This drone will take 3 photos very quickly to make high-resolution photos. You can easily take your pictures on it in jpg or RAW whereas in DJI mini 1 there was only jpg. You can use it in night mode however plenty of lights are required to make better videos. It gives a lack of flat colors and high detail sharp images of contrast of 1600 ISO. As 1080p, pictures can easily be zoomed up to 4x which is quite better. If you use nd filters with mini 2 then it will improve color saturation and its look. However, it is not officially by the drone but its look while in use. You need to use less shuttering and more natural blur in your footage.

Battery specification and Remote design

In case of the battery, this drone has high battery timing. Their flying time is 31 mint however due to some wind blow or storm you can easily use it for 23 to 25 minutes.

As their battery size is small so you can easily order multi batteries and take them with yourself. The battery is attached on its downside but you can swap the batteries and charged it by a Power bank.

Some other extraordinary features are GPS, GLONASS, galileo which is installed for safety procedures. So in case of signal loss or any emergency, this drone will automatically come back to its original position.

The remote design is also convincing, however, the telemetry display is missing. Instead of this everything is accurate and attractive. It will look a little bit difficult at the start but after usage, you can easily handle it.

DJI mini 2 fly app of DJI mini 2

DJI mini 2 also introduce the flying app for a drone after the release of the Mavic mini. This app is more streamed line than other apps like DJI4 or other DJI apps.

This gave high features informing you about the battery life and gave you the control panel access. So you can easily handle your drone by your mobile instead of remote. You can easily access from setting panel to photos, video, quick shots, and pano.

You can also handle time shots, video to settle video resolution and frame rate.

Drawbacks of DJI mini 2

As compared to DJI mini 1 it was quite better during strong wind and comfortable shots during flights.

It can easily handle wind up to 24 mph.  One of its drawbacks is this drone is its low dynamic range due to its small sensor because it has to process a lot of information while shooting but you cannot get any problem while shooting with family or small trip.

However, if you want to improve image results and high quality and colors grade, then you have to switch to another drone like Mavic 3 or Air 2 because that has a lot of high colors, quality, and sensors.

One another thing is that it has no obstacle for avoidance so it is up to you that how you do care about it and quit into anything.

These are the all features as we discussed above. However, it has some limited features. But as compared to its size, battery timing, and video resolution it is quite better.

If you did not try any drone yet then this one is the remarkable drone up to which I have tested. So you just need to try this.




Date of release: November 2020



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