C++ Programming Language: Concepts, Usage, Disadvantages

The instruction that is given to the computer is coding. Coding is done by programming languages and C++ is one of them. A computer is an electronic machine that performs multiple tasks, but they are not doing things on their own. So to perform tasks on the computer, you have to give some input to a computer. These programming languages are Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, etc.

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C++ is one of the coding and programing language that is designed by scientist Bjarne Stroustrup in 979. It was not called directly C++. Firstly, this language has been oriented as the C language that got high popularity within a limited time, and it is still in use. But it has some limitations, when the computational capacity of computers gets raised, it also increased programming complexity. So by seeing to this they added multiple features to it. This language was then called “C with classes” and known as object-oriented programming principles like class defining, and framework of C language. Then in 1983, it was renamed C++. Nowadays this language is used to operate systems or platforms of different programs easily. Other than high-level language, this language is also used in low-level manipulation due to C language which has a closed relation with machine language.

It was a very useful language not only for computer programing but also to teach new programmers about object-oriented programming work processes. This language has been used in a wide range. For the development of browsers, software, Graphic user interface (GUI), games, and operating systems. The most visible used system having critical parts of C++ language are Bloomberg, amazon for web commerce, google for search, and Facebook for social media.

Many languages are designed for a specific purpose. Like java is used for toasters and electronics, Pascal is used for teck programming technique, C for programming OS. But C++ is the backbone of programming language. This language has been developed to get high control of system resources and memory.  It is acknowledged by the nickname “Swiss pocket knife of languages”.

Common concepts of C++ language

The five common concepts of C++ language are


Variables are like a pillar of programming language. It is used to store values that changed depending on various conditions. If the condition is passed by the program, the value will be changed. These values and data are used to provide instructions to the computer that tell the computer what to do.

Control structure

All programs are read by the compiler line by line after running. This is code flow. While running, it encounters where it’s required to make a decision. Also, the program may jump to a different part of code, or the compiler re-runs some specific part again or skips some data.

Data structure

Suppose we have to store the track of 10 courses. For this, you have to define 10 variables but this is the wrong way because a huge amount of work will be required. Sometimes you have required 1000 courses which will take a lot of time. The right way is you have to store them in the data structure. This will easily cover your 1000 courses at a time. The C++ language has an inbuilt data structure. The most common of them are arrays.


This is the layout of words, symbols, and expressions. Like in an email address we use @ syntax. You have required some common letters, numbers, underscore (_), and some other symbols for some specific sites and company domains. In the same way, it is used in programming. This plays a great role in the creation of software. The wrong syntax will cause an error in your program and it will not run.


Tools in coding mean multiple software that is designed to help you in programming. Thousands of software has been designed to help you in business and they make a job easier. The most known software is IDE which is used to organize your folders, and ensure your files are nice and clean to view.

Usage of C++

The most common usage of C++ language is

Operating language

The most common operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. All of them have some programmed parts of C++. This is the ideal choice for developing operating systems.


It is used in the programming of game development engines because it is easily used to manipulate hardware resources or also provide procedural programming for CPU-intensive functions.


A lot of web browsers are designed using C++ because it offers high speed.

Banking Application

The most popular core banking systems. Infosys Finacle uses this language as a programming language. Because banking applications process multi-million transactions per so they have to use low latency support and require high concurrency.

Cloud systems

C++ is the better choice for cloud computing because they use a scalable file system to work close to the hardware.

The C++ language has the most common feature, which is its Speed. This language is very useful in areas where the data performance is censorious because this language is known for its high speed and best support. This play a key role in all kind of servers. Another benefit of this language is, this is closer to the hardware than other languages like JavaScript, etc. This is used in the areas where software is closely coupled with hardware or required low-level support.

Disadvantages of C++ language

C++ language is a very popular language but it has also some security issues with global variables, friend functions, and pointers. Infamously, this is hard to understand the concept of c for C++. Also, it collects a lot of garbage which make hard the filtration of unnecessary data.

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