Artificial Intelligence, the future of digital technology

In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the digital technology that will convert human work into machine work by the use of robots or computers.

It was first introduced in 1956 by john McCarthy. It has been thought that machines will do such progress to solve the theorems and mathematical equations. Now the technology has reached this position and a lot of people are working on it.

In digital technology, Artificial Intelligence is known as human behavior. It is playing the role of the brain in technology. It is used to give ideas about work for better results. It is used in a wide range in our society like

It is used to create robots on behalf of humans.

 Healthcare to simplify patience live, in surgical reports, hospital planning, or some others.

Marketing for SEO, product recommendation, and chatbots.

Business for maintaining the security, email filtering, and process of automation.

We think that artificial intelligence is just limited to robots but it has already covered the space in our daily life but we did not recognize it yet. Just like the correct google results, or your search-related suggestion on Facebook.  Artificial intelligence is interconnected with machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is the technology that provides data whereas deep learning is used to analyze the data to get the results. Suppose a company is creating 20 products per day. To increase the product ratio, he will use some techniques. What artificial intelligence can do is to give useful strategies to make better products, increase their working and find the better way for the work.

Let’s discuss some Branches of AI to understand them clearly

Machine learning:

As we notice, humans are increasing their knowledge from billions of years and now it has reached machines. But machines are designed to do the work for which they are designed.

What would happen if they start working on their own?

Yes, It is one of the branches of artificial intelligence which is used to analyze data and algorithms to generate a way that humans can learn from it. It is used for statistical methods. Then algorithms are designed in such a way to categorize or produce the right results for the projects. They are making different methods and techniques to create better results for businesses, and applications. This helps in expanding the area of knowledge so in this way the growth of science become increase rapidly.

Deep learning and its concept:

Deep learning is the subset of machine learning which are used to process many layers to draw out high-level features from data. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning all are interconnected words. It is continuously taking unstructured data of different types to create features and results however it does not require any human intervention to operate machine learning in a better way.

Neural Networks:

This is one unit of deep learning. A neural network is used to solve drive data problems in programs. Suppose you put data in a machine, then this will be passed out by different perceptions to produce some output.

John is an American citizen. He went to Africa but he does not know the African language. So he simply use google translator. This is the simple working of neural working. It is used to kick out the underlying process of data and analyze it in a way that the human brain can operate it.


Robots are machines that are accomplished to perform tasks. It is one of the great branches of AI. These are designed to perform tasks like humans. It is the composition of electrical, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Robots have been designed shape with electric power components for controlling machines. But these robots also required programs to operate single tasks. These programs are designed by computer languages like C++, C, and python. The most common software is ROS Robot Operating system and Matlab. Actually, this is a set of applications that are used in the creation of robots.

Expert system

Expert system is one of the basic branches which gives computer ability to make decisions. It has two subsets. The first one is the inference engine which is using different kinds of rules and orders to create new information and rules. Whereas the second is knowledge base which is used to store organized or unorganized data. A lot of commercial systems have been running which include credit authorization, corporate planning, oil, and mineral prospecting.

Fuzzy logic:

Fuzzy logic is the approach to computers based on truth rather than binary 0 or 1. It is the method of reasoning that resembles human reasoning. In the same way, as humans are making the decision which includes every possible way that it is right or wrong.

For example, if there is a question like “how is the machine working?”

Then in binary, it answer should be “yes” or “no” which is “0” or “1”. But in fuzzy logic, it should give you different results like “good” “better” “best” or “bad”. This logic has been invented by Lotfi which gives us certain answers about the topic.

Natural language processing:

Natural language processing refers to the concept of communication of human beings with computers or machines. It has been used for a while in the sentimental analysis of Facebook, Twitter, in checking spellings, grammatical mistakes, finding information on websites, and finally doing digital marketing on certain keywords.

It has divided into two presses

National language understanding is refer to putting input into the natural language to analyze the data and give useful results

and national language understanding is the generation of useful thoughts and sentences. Natural language understanding is more difficult than national language processing because it is consuming time to understand the language.




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