Apple Plans to Open up iOS to Third-Party App Stores in 2023

One of the game-changing plans Apple plans to make to its smartphone operating system, iOS, is to open it up to third-party app stores i.e as an iPhone user, you will be able to download apps that are not on the Apple app store.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple did this to fulfill EU requirements set in the Digital Markets and Services Act, and this change will only take place in 27 countries that are members of the European Union.

apple app store

This update will likely come with the release of iOS 17 next year. Apple still plans to charge developers even if they don’t distribute their apps through the App Store.

The Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act are bills intended to promote fair competition and better privacy protection and remove some invasive targeted advertising. Apple’s actions fall primarily under the first act, which is supposed to offer better interoperability with more minor rival services.

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